The Legacy Creative Worship 2022 & Beyond - ROADMAP

Building up an army of Christian artists and worship leaders with online resources for their music to spread the message of Hope even further.

Q1 - First Quarter: January 1st – March 31st.

Introducing Brilliant Media Consulting (BMC):

This is the new branding for the new marketing/creative agency owned 100% by The Legacy Creative Worship Label which powers the all-in-one marketing software solution for all members.

Smart Music Release Membership:

There will continue to be monthly content added for current members. There will be a focus on getting faster and more immediate results for members.

The month of January will be for setting up your Website to drive more traffic to your music releases along with building an email list to send out campaigns for increased music awareness. This process is quick with pre-made email and website templates powered within Brilliant Media Consulting all-in-one marketing software.

The membership will re-open its doors in the month of February for new members to maximize on the software along with online marketing strategies for their music.

Instagram & Social Media:

The Legacy Creative Worship Instagram account will continue to deliver valuable content online to encourage Christian Artists and Worship leaders around the globe.

One-on-One Consulting:

Tony will introduce one-on-one coaching for members who are interested in further weekly, biweekly or monthly marketing help for their music.

Q2 - Second Quarter: April 1st – June 30th. - TBA

Q3 - Third Quarter: July 1st – September 30th. - TBA

Q4 - Fourth Quarter: October 1st – December 31st - TBA

Future plans to consider and to pray about:

-The Legacy Creative Worship becoming a music label/marketing house for artists.

-The Legacy Creative Worship nights/events in different cities, starting in Vancouver, Canada.

-Brilliant Media Consulting opened up to other Christian organizations or churches in need of marketing solutions with software.

-Increased marketing efforts/campaigns to bring awareness to the vision and to bring on investors looking to support Christian creatives for God’s kingdom.

-Smart Music Release Membership giveaway(s) of a fully produced and recorded song. The recording will be released under The Legacy Creative Worship Label.

-The Legacy Creative Worship will open its doors to other Christian creative professionals in need of marketing solutions for their work. (Creative professions include writing, art, design, theater, television, radio, motion pictures, related crafts, as well as marketing, strategy, scientific research and development, product development, engineering, some types of teaching and curriculum design, and more.)

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Smart Music Release Membership

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